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Tutorial Sunday 10:30 am, Dec. 13, 2015.

(make up Lab. mid-term  Wed. nov, 25 at 6:00pm)

Assignment 7: Due date Dec 8.

A sample program for designing Type I, linear phase filters using Linear programing.

A sample program for designing Type I, linear phase filters using the least squares method.


Assignment 6: Due date Nov 30.      In each of the problems (P7.5, 7.6 and 7.7), once you have obtained the parameters,   complete the design and sketch the F.R of the resulting filters.



P 7.5 


P7.7 Complete the design for an appropriate window that is not a Kaiser window.





Assignment 5. ( Due date:   Nov 17, 2015)


Mid-term test on Monday Oct. 26; Lab   Mid-term test Wed. Oct 28.   (During regular class, and lab hours respectively.)

Tutorial:  2:00:4:00 pm  Oct 24.

Sample questions from a Past Mid-term.


Marked assignments are placed on the table near my office.

Solution to selected assignments will be posted on PAWS.

Assignment 4. ( Due date Thursday  Oct 15)


Assignment 3. ( Due date Tuesday  Oct 13)


Assignment 2:

Q1- Pick seven items listed in Table 2.1. Prove them and give an example of each property. Alternatively, you may prove, or give examples in the Continuous-time setting.

Q2- Pick seven items listed in Table 2.3. Show that the results given are correct.

(Due date Sep. 23)


Lab 1: Phase locked loops.  See lab 6 in EE365.

Assignment 1: Prove the properties listed in Table 2.2 and give an example of each property. Alternatively,  you may prove, or  give examples in the Continuous-time setting. ( Due date Sep. 16)

You may bring  formula sheet to  the exam.  During the exam, the computers will be disconnected from the internet.  If you need material for the lab portion, bring hard copy.

Solutions for assignments will be  posted on PAWS.

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  • Office hours: 1:30-3:00  Tuesdays, and Thursdays
  • Labs: Wednesday,  2:30-5:30PM in 2C82.

Grading Scheme:

The overall performance is calculated based on the following:

Assignments, Quizzes and class performance


Midterm Test

Final Exam






 Note: In order to pass the course you need to do all the labs



 Labs files





In the  mid-term test you can bring a two-sided formula sheet (i.e.,  2 pages,  8 by 11 in);  In the  final  exam you can bring  4 pages as  formula sheet (8 by 11 in); but no books, class notes, or other materials are allowed.



Text book:

  • Alan V. Oppenheim and Ronald W. Schafer, Discrete-Time Signal Processing, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2010



      -Sampling and quantization,  discrete time processing of continuous time signals

      - Analysis of  filters: All pass,  minimum-phase and  generalized  linear phase systems

      -Windowing and FFT

      -FIR and IIR Filter design methods

      - Applications in image processing



  • Weekly assignments are to be given and are due the following week by 4:00 pm; please drop your assignments in the EE 461 Assignment Box.
  • Please note that late assignments will not be accepted unless a legitimate reason (illness, religious conviction, etc.) exists and is discussed with the instructor.
  • Solutions to the assignments will be prepared by the instructor, but your assignments will be marked by TAs. Solutions will be available on the course web-site.




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