Class Lectures & Notes

Sep - Dec  2014:
This schedule is preliminary and will be updated as the class progresses.  Any changes to this lecture schedule will be announced in class and on the Announcements page.  Contact your Instructor if you have any questions.

The instructor notes (PDF Notes, (Burton) and Lynch's notes) referred to in the outline below can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  "Instructors Notes". (They are located at the bottom of this page.)

Updated: Sep 3, 2014



Topics Covered

Reference (readings etc.)


Course Introduction



Course format



Lecture 1:

Professions, Professionals,

Professionalism, Trustworthiness.

Class Intro,

Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 1)
Prof. & Trust paper (Lynch)
Text: Chapter 1 (Introduction)

Prossionalism slides (whole)

Trust Exercise
(groups of ~ 6)

Input Trust Results here

Trust exercise continued...

Lecture 2, 3:

Ethical Theories,
Moral Dilemmas,

Resolving Dilemmas.

Ethical Theories & Moral Development (slides)

Lynch Notes: Chapter 3, 1
Text: Chapter 3, 4
Problem Solving Methods (slides)

Trust exercise results


Heinz Case

Applying Problem Solving techniques.

Forklifter case...

Lynch’s notes (Chapter 1)

Text: Chapter 4


Dilemmas&Ethics Quiz

Forklifter Exercise
(discussion groups)

Lecture 3:


Codes of Ethics.

Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 4)
Text: Chapter 2, APP A
in-classs PPT on Laws/Codes

Codes Exercise sheet

Reference Codes of Ethics


Saskatchewan MLA Code of Conduct

Manitoba Used Car Dealers Code of Ethics

Lecture 4:

Professional Societies,
APEGS Codes of Ethics.
Governing the Profession (APEGS Act)

Text:  Chapter 5


EGP Act Slides


EGP Act* ("blue book")

*older version of Act only (no bylaws) for temporary reference.
You will all receive a copy of the Act courtesy of APEGS.

 Put your name on it!  Bring it to the exams.

Lecture 5:

Engineering as Experimentation

Text:  Chapter 5

Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 5)
Pearson’s notes on Legislating Safety

in-class PPT

Lecture 6:

Safety&Risk, continued


Safety Psychology 101   PPT slides

Safety&Risk Quiz

Presentation Progress Report #1

We plan to establish an assignment descriptioassignment in Blackboard Learn (PAWS) where you will be able to submit your progress report as an upload.  Refer to the assignment description for Progress Report due dates and quidelines.

Presentation Progress Report #1

Lecture 7:

Engineers'  Responibilities

Text:  Chapter 6 (p82-90)
Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 7)  PPT slides


Guest Speaker
Tina Maki, P. Eng.
Director of Registration

Presentation available on
APEGS web site
under the "Public" tab, "Universary Students"
Note: If it asks you to login, it's because they're having some temproary issues with their new web site (it's not supposed to require a login).  We've posted a copy in the content area on BBLearn for each section to ensure you have access until they sort this out.

EGP Act ("blue book")

Lecture 8:

Engineers' Rights

Text:  Chapter 6 (p90-105)
Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 8)  PPT slides

Condo Case

Guest speaker:
Bob McDonald, P.Eng

Director of Membership & Legal Services

 Engineering and Law

 Take notes; there will be nothing written to post.

Presentation Progress Report #2

Again, a wiki addition in BBLearn

Presentation Progress Report #2

Midterm Break - Family Day


 Catch up; study...

Westray Mine Disaster

Westray Inquiry Summary
Westray Liars
Westray and the Media paper

in-class PPTs

Westray Case worksheet

Lecture 9:
Global Issues

in-class PPT
Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 9)

Corruption in Overseas Procurement (Klotz)
Corruption Perception Index 20
Guide to CFPOAct

Joe Oily Case study

Midterm Exam

80 minutes; in-class
Open EGP Act, text and notes (paper or electronic; no network access allowed)
Password = date of final 'monthdd', lower case, no spaces
Midterm Key
<-(password required)

Environmental Ethics & Sustainability

Lynch’s notes (Chpt. 10)
In-class PPT


Consult your Section's Wiki (BBLearn) for the schedule
Here's a link to the  presentation evaluation input forms (also available via BBLearn):
Section 02 (11:30)
Section 04 (2:30)
Section 06 (10:00)
(this is not peer evaluaiton - that will be requested on the final exam)
Evaluation Worksheet (please print for yourself as required)
4 per page

Two Structural Cases:
Quebec Bridge Disaster (ppt slides)
and the
CitiCorp Story (ppt slides)
Quebec Bridge Story   and timeline
and some pics: 1   2   3   4
59 Story Crisis - Citicorp Story - Alternate View!
and a timeline of events
Que. Bridge/Citicorp Worksheet

Whistleblowing: The Insider Case
Jeffrey Wigand's site
NYTimes articles
FRONTLINE transcript
Insider Case Worksheet

Peer Evaluation Worksheet (to be posted)
(prepare beforehand and bring to final)



Location: PAC Gym

Peer Evaluation Worksheet
(prepare beforehand and bring to final)






Instructor Notes:


Burton's Notes (See PPT links in schedule above):


Lynch's Notes:




Here is the final inclusive set of GE449 notes for your reference. 
This may be labelled 2009, but is the latest version as of Sep 1, 2012.