GEOE 378 Engineering Geological Mapping

Announcements: Last updated March 18, 2019

         We will leave Saskatoon on the morning of Saturday August 24th, and return on the evening of Thursday September 5th, 2019. (Classes begin Sept. 4th)

         Exact location and time will be announced by email in mid-August.

         You must register for the class.If youíre not registered for the class, you canít go because you wonít be insured. On-line registration opens on (or around) July 1.

         Your field school fee is $900 (to be paid online as you register) and covers transportation and accommodation.

         By May 1st, you must provide the following to Chris Hawkes (; room 2B24 Eng; 306-966-5753):

-         Your health care number

-         Your driver's license number (if you have one; no worries if not)

-         Also: Review the Drug & Alcohol Policy statement and the Field School Safety Policy, and be prepared to sign off on these on Aug. 24.

Additional notes & Things to bring:

         Bring driverís licence and health card.

         Bring clothes for variable weather (evenings can be cool & it usually rains or snows when you do mapping).

         Bring a towel; we will be in a youth hostel in Revelstoke and they donít provide towels.

         Bring some dishes; the hotels in Coleman or Pincher Creek should have a fridge, microwave and barbeque access (BBQ utensils provided), but dishes (plate, bowl and cutlery) are not provided.

         For half of the field school, most of you will be housed 3 to a room, in rooms that have 2 queen-sized beds. As such, 10 of you should bring an air mattress and pillow, unless you want to double-up in a queen-size bed.

         Bring a camera if you have one (a smart-phone camera should be adequate for your needs).

         Bring steel toed boots. These are required at many site visits.

         Coveralls are optional; some students like wearing them to certain site visits (e.g., coal mine) where conditions can be dirty.

         Hard hats will be provided.

         Bring safety glasses; we have some in our supplies, but not enough for everyone.

         Bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle and a day pack - important while you are mapping

         Equipment: Geological equipment is provided, including notebooks, rock hammers & compasses, but do bring some pencils / pens (and rulers / protractorsÖ we have some, but not always enough).

         Money: Transportation and accommodation is covered by the field school fee, but you will need to cover all food and beverage costs.We will drive you to grocery stores, and our accommodations will have food preparation facilities of some kind, so you should be able to prepare your own meals (to save money).

         If you sign up, then discover that you will not be able to attend the field camp - please let Prof. Hawkes know as soon as possible (; 306-966-5753).

         We will communicate with you using your usask email account.

         If there are any health concerns that may be a concern for this trip, please let Dr. Hawkes know.