ME 418.3 Mechanical Engineering Lab III
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I. Oguocha / D. Bitner

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2B36 / 1B19

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        Final Lab Exam is Wed. Dec. 5th Groups (1-10) and Thur. Dec. 6th Groups (11-20) at 8:30 AM in the Hardy Lab (1A76). Please bring ruler and protractor to the exam. Note: The only reference material permitted during the test is the laboratory manual and your logbook.

        Filled in E4 Table 4_Samples with cathodic protection can be found under the Lab Info tab

        Lab Groups can be found here or under the Lab Info tab.

        An initial meeting for each section will be held in Rm. 1A80 of the Hardy lab. Monday-Wednesday section (Wed. Sept. 5th) and Tuesday-Thursday section (Thur. Sept. 6th) 10:30 AM.

         The ME418 Lab Manual required for the course is now available at the U of S Bookstore. It can be found in the Lab Manual section (at the back of the bookstore) in alphabetical order under the authors Bitner & Oguocha.

         Labs begin Sept. 10, 2018 for some groups

         Last updated: December 3, 2018