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ME 495.6 Industrial Design Project is the capstone design course for the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Saskatchewan.  General information, schedules, announcements, course materials, and other information will be posted on this website.



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      NEW Final grades have been posted and evaluations (Logbooks, Design Expo, Final Report, Client Review) have been emailed to all students and design groups.  (Posted April 16, 2019)

      NEW Logbooks have been graded – please collect your logbook from Kelly Bader in the ME main office.  (Posted April 16, 2019)

      Reminder: Please take some time to complete the Course Evaluation.  (Posted April 5, 2019)

      Reminder: Logbooks should have been submitted to Kelly Bader by Monday, April 1, 2019.  Logbook grading is now underway.  Students will be contacted by email when the logbook grading has been completed, so that they can collect their logbooks. (Posted April 5, 2019)

      The Peer Evaluation is now complete.  You are encouraged to access your personal and group assessments through the ITP Metrics website.  (Posted April 5, 2019)

      Reminder: Each project group must arrange Client Exit Meeting that involves the group members, client, and faculty advisor.  The last date for these meeting is March 29, 2019.  (Posted March 6, 2019)

      The Design Expo table layout has been sent to all project groups and has been posted on the website.  (Posted March 6, 2019)

      Reminder: Project groups with any special requirements for their Design Expo display must contact Prof. Simonson by Friday, March 1, 2019.  (Posted February 24, 2019

      The ITR grades and comments were emailed to project group coordinators on Monday, January 28, 2019. (Posted January 30, 2019)

      The names of the ITR panel members have been added to the Interim Technical Review (ITR) Schedule.  (Posted January 11, 2019)

      Information has been posted on the services provided by Engineering Shops in support of ME 495. (Posted January 9, 2019)

      The Interim Technical Review (ITR) Schedule (the ITR will be held in the evening of January 24, 2019) has been posted on the website.  The names of the ITR panel members will be made available in January. (Posted December 21, 2018)

      The slides from Prof. John Moffatt’s lecture have been posted on the website.  (Posted December 11, 2018)

      Information on the Design Expo has been posted on the website. This will be the subject of the guest lecture on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, delivered by Prof. John Moffatt.  (Posted November 23, 2018)

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Fall Term:  Tuesday-Thursday, 4:00-5:30 pm, ENGR 2C40

Winter Term:  No formally scheduled lectures; see Schedule for more information




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Department of Mechanical Engineering



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