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Name Research Interests Phone Room Email
Professor and Department Head
Kells, James A. Hydraulic Structures  •  Use of Rock in Hydraulic Engineering  •  Scour Processes in Cohesionless Materials  •  Water Quality of Stormwater Runoff  •  Ecologically Engineered Systems 966-5340 3B48.3
Barbour, S. L. Saturated/Unsaturated Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport  •  Mine Waste Reclamation 966-5369 3B32
Berthelot, Curtis 966-7009 212 Animal Science Building
Elshorbagy, Amin A. data-based mechanistic watershed models using system dynamics  •  application of soft-computing techniques (ANNs & genetic programming) for hydrologic modeling  •  decision analysis 966-5414 3B52
Maule, Charles Soil and water conservation  •  soil hydrology 966-4765 1A14C
Peng, Jian Environmental Engineering  •  Water and Wastewater Treatment  •  Adsorption Removal of Phosphorus  •  Mathematical Modeling. 966-5431 2B27
Putz, Gordon Water Quality Modelling and Management  •  Water and Wastewater Engineering 966-5368 3B56
Sharma, Jitendrapal (Jit) S. Geotechnical Modelling  •  Fundamental Soil Behaviour  •  Soil-Structure Interaction  •  Ground Improvement Methods  •  Soft Ground Tunnelling 966-7049 2B21
Sparks, Gordon A. 966-5370 2B29
Sparling, Bruce F. Structural dynamics  •  Telecommunication structures  •  Structural health monitoring  •  Life cycle performance of bridges  •  Structural masonry  •   (306) 966-5366 3B34
Wegner, Leon D. Mechanics of Composite Materials  •  Fibre-reinforced Concrete  •  Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges 966-5349 3B38
Associate Professor
Boulfiza, Mohamed Durability Mechanics of Cement-Based Materials and Structures  •  Computational Mechanics  •  Constitutive Modeling  •  Damage Mechanics  •  High Performance Materials  •  Service Life/Performance Prediction of Structures 966-5299 3B55
Feldman, Lisa Service life prediction  •  non-destructive testing  •  code calibration  •  the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures 966-5774 3B40
Ferguson, Grant A. Hydrogeology  •  Geothermal Energy  •  Climate Change (306)966-7427 2B22
Fleming, Ian Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering  •  Geosynthetics  •  Landfill Engineering  •  Waste strength and stability. 966-5341 3B54
Fonstad, Terrance A. Waste utilization  •  hydrology  •  ion exchange in reactive groundwater transport  •  environmental protection  •  geoenvironmental engineering  •  biogas production from anaerobic digestion and gasification. 966-7860 1A03
Hawkes, Christopher D. Petroleum Geomechanics  •  Rock Mechanics  •  Numerical Modeling 966-5753 2B24
Mazurek, Kerry A. Fluid mechanics  •  Environmental fluid mechanics  •  Erosion and scour in cohesive soils  •  Erodibility testing  •  Scour below hydraulic structures  •  Drownproofing of hydraulic structures  •  Hydraulic design of water treatment plant reservoirs or clearwells 966-5477 2B44
Milne, Douglas Rock Mass Classification  •  Rock Stability 966-5346 2B23
Assistant Professor
Chang, Won Jae Contaminated site assessment and remediation  •  Bioremediation  •  Petroleum hydrocarbons  •  Freezing contaminated soils  •  Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria  •  Microbial community characterization (extremophiles and pollutant-degrading microbial consortia) 966-5373 2B45
Helgason, Warren (306)966-5315 1A13
Park, Peter Y. Transportation Engineering  •  Highway and Railway Safety  •  Transportation Planning  •  Geometric Design  •  Intelligent Transportation Engineering  •  Geographic Information System 966-1314 2B20
Professor Emeritus
Bergan, Art T.
Fredlund, Delwyn G.
Haug, Moir D. 966-5355 2B25
Hosain, Mel U.
Professional Affiliate
MacPhedran, Ian 306-966-2227
Professor Emeritus
Nasser, Kay W.  
Neis, Vernon V.  
Pufahl, Dennis
Reeves, Malcolm J. Contaminant Migration from Underground Mines
Reimer, Paul  
Rezansoff, Telvin  
Smith, Clifford D.  
Wigham, Jack M.  


Name Title and Duty Phone Room Email
Administrative Staff
Beatty, Alison 966-5337 2B39
Forgie, Debbie 966-7007 207 Animal Science Building
Hanke, Cynthia 966-5339 3B48.3
Technical Staff
Fisher, Doug 966-5356 1C30
Hammerlindl, Adam 966-5359 1C16
Pavier, Dale 966-5372 1C60.2
Pokoyoway, Brennan 966-5358 1C01.2.1
Szczepanik, Zig 966-5717 G37.1
Research Engineer
Beneteau, Donna-Lynn 966-5714 G37.1