Pre-qualification for Graduate Study in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Completed pre-application information is collected monthly and distributed to faculty members in your area of interest. 

If you meet the admission qualifications AND if resources are available you will be contacted to submit official documents including letters of reference.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY DOCUMENTATION UNLESS IT IS REQUESTED FROM YOU. 

If you do not hear from us within 10 weeks of this application, then we unfortunately do not have a spot available for you in our graduate program. 

There is no fee required for this pre-qualification application. Qualified applicants will be then asked for a full application including letters of reference and an application fee.

Note:  Mandatory areas or fields are marked with (*). It is important that you provide accurate information.
Please make sure after submitting application to wait for confirmation page and if page does not have any data please re-submit your application.


Identification (*)  
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Currently Held Degrees (Date format: yyyy/mm/dd)
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Academic Standing (*)
In your last two years of first university degree, what was your academic average? %
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Proficiency in English (*)
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GRE Scores (if available): Verbal , Quanitative , Analytical

Proposed Area of Study (*) Sought Degree (*) Financial Support (*)
Digital Systems
Electronics Materials
Power Systems
M. Eng.**
M. Sc.
Ph. D.
Self-funded for first-year only
I require partial assistance **
I require full assistance **

** Note: P.G.D and M.Eng are course-based, non-thesis degrees and no funding is available
 Financial aid may be available for thesis-based programs.

Courses completed in proposed area of study(*)  

In order for us to assess your preparation in your chosen field of study, we need to understand what classes you have taken in that field. Please list a least three (3) classes you have most recently completed which specifically relate to your proposed area of study.

Year Course Number Course Description Passing Grade Max Grade achievable Your Grade

Academic Achievements (publications, rank in national examinations, etc.)

Work experience following first engineering degree (Date format: yyyy/mm/dd)
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Personal Statement (*) (50 lines maximum)

Warning: Any information you submit is insecure and could be observed by a third party while in transit. If you are submitting information you would like to keep private, it would be safer for you to cancel the submission.